How to maintain stainless steel door handle

In our daily home, stainless steel door handles play a very important role. With the existence of stainless steel door handles, our life will be so convenient. So how do you know how to ensure the maintenance of hardware handles? The following stainless steel door handle manufacturers will introduce us how to maintain stainless steel door handles.   1. It is strictly forbidden to approach fire sources, such as cigarette butts, gas stoves, etc. If you are not careful about scalding, there are severe stains or scratches on the surface, or the firework is so hot that you can lightly rub the surface with fine sandpaper (400-500), and then wipe it with a scouring pad.  2. Ensure that the stainless steel accessories are clean. In the process of use, if you carelessly cause water stains on the surface, you must wipe them dry after use. Ensure that the surface of the stainless steel handle is clean and dry. Remember to wipe the exterior with a clean cotton cloth after daily cleaning. Do not wash with water.  3. Do not scratch the surface with sharp or hard objects, such as knives, etc. If you want to clean the door handle, wipe it with a damp cloth or damp a damp cloth with neutral detergent or detergent, and then wipe it with a dry water solution.   4. Metal rails, hinges, hinges, etc. should be regularly greased with smooth oil to keep the light and smooth, so as to ensure that the door handle will not rust and reduce the life span.  5. Do not put high temperature tea cups or other high temperature items directly on the furniture hardware fittings (glass, stainless steel, hardware handles, etc.). Use tripods, heat insulation pads, etc., to avoid discoloration or foaming on the outside.  6. u200bu200bNormally, when opening and pulling the drawers of cabinets, the strength should not be too large, and the strength should be mastered to avoid excessive strength and breaking the handle.  7. Do not use hard objects or sharp objects to scratch the appearance of hardware accessories, avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, bittern and other characteristics. The above content on how to maintain the stainless steel door handle manufacturers is shared here. In fact, not only the furniture needs maintenance, but also many stainless steel door handles that can help us usually need maintenance, and it is not a simple maintenance. The wrong way will greatly reduce its life. Counting makes our life inconvenient, as long as we correctly understand how to maintain it, we can make all aspects of convenience for ourselves!
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