How to keep the surface gloss of furniture hardware handles


Furniture hardware handles have been used for a long time, and the gloss is naturally different from the beginning, so how to maintain the surface gloss of the handles? This article will answer your questions about handle.

The surface of painted furniture handles, such as desks, bookshelves, doors and windows, etc., will darken the luster of the paint for many years. You can wipe it lightly with gauze soaked in strong tea or toilet water. Restore the original color of the furniture. The newly painted furniture is very scented. You can pour the boiled milk into the bowl, put the bowl into the newly painted furniture, close the furniture door, and take out the paint after about 5 hours.

Metal coffee tables, folding chairs, etc., are easy to rust and begin to rust. You can wipe them off with cotton yarn dipped in vinegar. For old rust, use a thin bamboo sheet to gently scrape it off, then wipe it with cotton yarn soaked in vinegar, and cut it off with a sharp blade to avoid damage to the surface chrome layer.

Wooden furniture often puts some hygienic balls and brain balls, which can not only prevent the clothes from being soiled by the furniture, but also cut garlic into small sticks and insert them into the pupils , And seal them with putty to kill the mites.

It can be seen that the maintenance of furniture hardware handles is still very important.

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