How to install the cabinet is the most practical, the teacher recommends this installation, it will not go wrong after decades of use

How to install the cabinet is the most practical, recommended by the master, it will not cause problems after decades of use. When doing kitchen decoration, many friends will be worried about the decoration of the cabinet. If the cabinet is not done well, it will also affect us. The usual quality of life. Especially for small-sized houses, because the space is relatively small, most of my friends will use the method of homemade cabinets, which not only saves us a fee, but also guarantees the quality of the cabinets, but when we make the cabinets To pay attention to the method, let's take a look at it together. First of all, when we make cabinets, we must lay a good foundation. It is said that masonry is used under our cabinets. This approach can ensure the stability of the cabinets and also have the effect of waterproofing. So before making the cabinets It is very necessary to lay a good foundation. Another problem is the support of the cabinet. The support of the cabinet must also ensure its stability and bearing capacity. We will inevitably experience chopped meat when cooking. At this time, if the cabinet’s bearing capacity is not strong, then it is likely to sink, so in the cabinet It is best to use iron square pipes to ensure the stability of the cabinet. In addition, the countertops of the cabinets are also the key points that we need to consider. Many friends will choose marble countertops. The marble scene is indeed very beautiful, but it has a shortcoming that it is too easy to have cracks, so it is not very convenient to manage. , So we might as well consider artificial stone countertops. In addition, we should put a few steel bars between the cabinet and the cabinet to ensure the firmness of the countertop. The last is the design of the cabinet door. After finishing the decoration of the countertop, we need to pay attention to the design of the cabinet door. Many friends easily choose the sliding door when choosing the cabinet door. They think the sliding door is fashionable and beautiful, and the sliding is relatively smooth. Sliding door is not a wise choice, because it has poor airtightness, and the items placed in the cabinet are easy to get damp, which affects the quality of life. So at this time, we might as well choose to open the door. In this case, the airtightness is better, and it will not Affect the aesthetics of decoration. Seeing this, do you know how to make your own cabinets?
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