How to install the cabinet? 3 design schemes, rational use of space, to create a practical kitchen

How to install the cabinet? Three design schemes, rational use of space, and practical kitchen decoration is very important. When decorating the kitchen, cabinets are usually installed. Cabinets can not only ensure the storage function, but also make the operation more convenient when cooking. . However, there are also various styles of cabinets, which need to be combined with the actual structure of the kitchen when purchasing, depending on the area of u200bu200bthe kitchen. How to install the cabinet? Three design schemes make rational use of space to create a practical kitchen. 1: Flat-shaped and L-shaped cabinets. For small-sized houses, the area of u200bu200bthe kitchen is very limited. Some small kitchens are only a few square meters, such as a single apartment. In this way, about two people standing inside will feel crowded, so the purchase of cabinets is very important, and it must be suitable for such a small-area kitchen. The flat-shaped and L-shaped cabinets are more suitable for small-area kitchens. The flat-shaped cabinets are leaning against one wall, so that the kitchen aisle will be a bit more spacious. Although the flat-shaped cabinets are relatively small in size, the operation of the countertop The space is also relatively small, but it can meet daily use. There can be sinks and stoves, and the remaining countertop space can be used for tableware. L-shaped cabinets are also suitable for small-area kitchens. L-shaped cabinets are leaning against the wall on both sides, the short side of the cabinet can be close to the window, and the other side is leaning against the wall, so that the aisle space after entering the door can be obtained It is guaranteed, and at the same time, there is more space to put food. 2: U-shaped cabinet styles U-shaped cabinets are a more suitable choice for larger kitchens, especially the width of the kitchen is sufficient, because U-shaped cabinets are against the wall on three sides, so this style is The cabinet storage space will be larger, because the upper cabinets and floor cabinets have more cabinets. In this way, the space on the wall can be fully utilized. U-shaped cabinets are generally located near the windows of the sink. The other side is the location of the stove, and the other side can be used as a countertop, where you can wash and choose dishes. Of course, the specific location depends on the structure of the kitchen. The location of natural gas is generally fixed, so the location of the stove cannot be changed at will. But if the space on the countertop is larger, more home appliances, such as rice cookers and microwave ovens, can be placed. 3: Island-style cabinets. This island-style cabinet is suitable for open kitchens, such as European-style decoration. Many of them are open kitchens. The island-style cabinets also have a relatively large storage space, and the style is also More fashionable. There will also be a floor cabinet at the location of the island, so there is more storage space, a sink can be installed on it, vegetable washing and other tasks can be done there, and it is also designed as a small bar.
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