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How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hangers

How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hangers


How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hangers

Cabinets typically are screwed to wall studs for installation. 

However, hangers sometimes are used to speed things up. When hangers are used, the cabinets go up quick, because hangers have already been installed on the wall and cabinet. 

All you need to do is line up coordinating hangers on the cabinet and wall, and lock them together to support the cabinet.


There are different configurations of cabinet hangers. They all do the same thing even though they might look different. Hangers come in pairs: One side screws to the cabinet, 

and one side screws to the wall. It just a matter of joining the two parts together to hang the cabinet. There are a few different types: rail, concealed and homemade. They all work 

equally well, and support just as much weight as cabinets that are permanently screwed to the wall. 

Today we are going to talk about the concealed cabinet hanger one.

One option for installing cabinets includes concealed hangers. This type of hanger is installed inside the cabinet on both sides. It also has two parts. Separate the parts and choose

 the part that looks like a small box with hooks emerging out the back. If your cabinet has a back on it, it is necessary to cut a small slot through the back to accommodate the hook assembly. 

Cut a 3/4-by-4-inch slot through the back, 4 inches below the top of the cabinet on the inside. Do both sides. Screw the box assembly to the sides of the cabinet so the hooks extend out the 

back of the cabinet. Measure and mark the hook locations on the wall where the cabinet is to be installed. Screw one flat steel plate with a convex lip on each mark. The convex lip receives 

the hooks. Pick up the cabinet with the help of an assistant, line up the hooks with the lips, and lower the cabinet until the two components lock together.

How to install it?

We have two difference cabinet concealed hangers as the this picture shown , it has installed on the cabinet.


This type is ABS material cabinet hanger, usually composed of a white whole and an accessory. The accessories are installed on the wall, and the white one is installed on the side panel of the cabinet, 

and the whole one have two adjust screws.


The screws above are to adjust the distance between the top and bottom of the cabinet, the screw below is to adjust the distance between the cabinet and the wall.Here is the manual about the installation, 

you can understand its installation more intuitively.


For this cabinet hanger biggest advantage is it can loading the whole weight of the cabinet.

Next is the iron material cabinet hanger, we have two different shapes, one is the unilateral, another is the bilateral, as the photos shown.


              TYPE ONE


         TYPE TWO

The protruding cylindrical part is embedded in the cabinet, so the cabinet needs to be drilled in advance, the whole hanger also two adjustable screws on the back. The upper screw can adjust 

the front and rear of the cabinet board, and the lower screw can adjust the height of the cabinet board.

This hanger can not restricted by the environment, when the cabinet panel has been installed, it can used the two slide hanger.

The iron material cabinet hanger manual about the installation like this.



Installation drawing of the unilateral type



Installation drawing of the bilateral type

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