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How To Fix A Broken Drawer Slide

How To Fix A Broken Drawer Slide


How To Fix A Broken Drawer Slide

A drawer in your kitchen or bathroom that doesn’t open smoothly is annoying, it will make your life not comfortable. Is it possible to repair it or replace the drawer slide, then it can make the drawer can open smoothly again.

Now we will introduce some information for you to learn how to fix or replace your problem drawer slides.

How To Fix Drawer Slides

If you’re searching Google for “How to fix a broken drawer slide” you’ve knew the problem is : the drawer that can not open smoothly,  the rubber against the frame, or stuck problem.  If the drawer slide have the problem, can not using smoothly, that will make the whole drawers in our kitchens or furniture cabinet can not use well, because the drawers hold everything we need, we will open it for many times in a day, so we need one set of smooth drawer slide to work for us. But please do not worry, we had the details information for different kinds of drawer slides to replace them, to made for virtually every imaginable drawer and cabinet design.

Types Of Drawer Slides

There are two basic designs installed drawer slides, by many manufactures make them in different materials.  The two main types are side mounted, bottom mounted drawer slides.

Side Mount Drawer Slides

Side-mount drawer slides are mounted on the side of the drawer box and telescope out to allow the drawer to extend further than a bottom mount drawer slide.  These drawer slides are generally rated to loading more weight and are attached either full extension and half extension for the side of the box, or at the bottom.  It must need to know for sure which design you have, if it doesn’t telescope type , it isn’t a side mount drawer slide.

Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

Bottom Mount or Under Mounted drawer slides are one of the most common types of drawer slides.  As the name suggests the slides are mounted to the drawer and cabinet under the drawer on a track. There are two common configurations of bottom mount drawer slides, one is flat and attaches at the side, the other is bent at 90° and fits over the edge of the drawer.   The most important element to knowing which you have is if the track attaches to the bottom of the drawer, or not.

You can adjust the installed screws first

If you are experiencing issues with your drawers there might be an easy fix.  Drawers open smoothly when the slides are adjusted correctly.  Long time and with using they might come out of alignment and a simple adjustment may return your drawer slides to perfect working part.

Drawer slide adjustments are done via oval shaped screw adjustments found at the back of drawers.  Fit your drawer slides or wheels into the cabinet and slide the drawers in the cabinet and move it back and forth a few times.

If you notice it is too tight, rubs the side, or sticks you should loosen the installed screws and tap the drawer in whichever direction will resolve the sticking or rubbing. Once your drawer will slide in and out smoothly you should re-tighten the screws.

How To Replace The Drawer Slides

To replace your slides and tracks you need to identify the type of slide you have, make sure you either identify what size you have or measure, and then disconnect the drawer and replace the hardware.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Before ordering new drawer slides make sure you know what type you have and what size you need.  Most times the length is stamped on the side of slides.  If it isn’t make sure you measure it and replace it with a slide in the same size.  This will save your time and money.


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