How to effectively remove the equipment handle after it is damaged?


The device handle is not easy to be damaged in normal use, unless it has a certain age, or is deliberately damaged or deformed after high pressure, resulting in unusable. In this case, what to do if this happens What?

First of all, we need to see whether the screw is a cross or a one-word screw. The one-word screw is usually more difficult to move because its mouth is easy to slide, compared to a flat-shaped screwdriver. Speaking of twisting, ask you to remove the screws, pay attention to safety, if you are not careful, the handle will fall down, and it is easy to hit yourself, so we must be careful.

If the screw is easier to twist, then we have to gently shake the handle of the device, and the handle will automatically fall off. We seem to be simple, if we want to do it, it is relatively complicated. In this process, everyone must be careful and pay attention to safety!


Use chrome-plated steel material

The folding design reduces surface protrusions.

Usage: widely used in various medical equipment, kitchen utensils, electric control cabinets, testing instruments, etc.

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