How to effectively avoid oil dripping from the range hood and how to solve it?

Once I accidentally made a bowl of noodles by myself. The tragedy was that when I opened the lid, the cooker hood automatically gave me 'oilLater, I heard my mother say that the range hood often failed to get out, dripping and leaking oil recently. I tried to clean it but did not solve it. So, how can we effectively avoid oil dripping from the range hood? For this reason, we have invited professionals to introduce some basic common sense of use and maintenance to consumers.

   stay away from the 'sauna kitchen'-regular cleaning, good air circulation

   Everyone uses the kitchen every day, but after using the range hood for a period of time, there will be noise, excessive vibration, oil dripping, oil leakage, etc. To avoid this, we must first use the range hood when we use it. Maintain air circulation in the kitchen, prevent the air in the kitchen from forming negative pressure, and ensure the suction capacity of the range hood;

  Secondly, we should clean the range hood regularly to avoid excessive oil sticking on the inner surface of the motor, turbine and range hood.

   Please do not disassemble and assemble by yourself, seek professional cleaning

   Consumers are best not to disassemble the range hood for cleaning without authorization, because once the motor is not installed, the smoking effect cannot be guaranteed, and the noise will increase, so it is best to let the manufacturer’s professional clean it.

   In order to help our mother who cooks for us every day to solve the problem of oil dripping from the range hood, I have invited Master Wang, who is professionally cleaning the range hood.

Master Wang cut off the power after testing the machine, and put a waterproof film under the range hood. 'This can prevent cleaning oil from polluting the surrounding environment.' As Master Lin said, he removed the filter screen of the range hood, the decorative cover of the flue duct and the wind deflector, took out the impeller and the filter and put them into the professional detergent. Soak and clean. While soaking, Master Lin took out a high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner to clean surface parts such as the body shell and decorative cover. The process is professional, and the result is not dripping.
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