How to do a good job in customer management for cabinet manufacturers under the new competitive situation

Under the new competitive situation, it not only means accelerated shuffling, but also a life and death test for dealers. So, how can cabinet dealers survive the winter smoothly and develop under the pressure of not only 'the winner is king' but also 'the leftover is king'? Under the situation of market depression, customer resources will be more fiercely contested objects. If you want to win the opponent and win a new round of victory, as a cabinet dealer, you must be under the guidance of cabinet manufacturers, or even through your own efforts, automatically, spontaneously and consciously. Do a good job in key account management.

  The management of customers by cabinet companies can be summarized into three aspects: customer loyalty, popularity and reputation.

  Customers are the source of corporate profits. Under the conditions of a modern market economy, customers and their needs are the foundation for the establishment and development of enterprises. How to better meet the needs of customers is the key to the success of the cabinet business. Nowadays, 'satisfying customers' has become the business philosophy of modern enterprises, and the new customer-centric business approach is gaining wide recognition. In the modern fierce competition environment, adapting to the needs of customers, giving customers the right to choose their own products, and letting customers get what they really want is the key to competition. Almost all salespeople know the importance of customers. Why are only a few companies able to truly achieve 'Customers are God' in practice? What is the reason? What problems does your company have in customer management? With a good customer management system, what else is needed to ensure customer management and service quality?

   With the gradual opening of the Chinese market, foreign cabinet companies quickly seized the Chinese market. Foreign companies closely integrated Chinese local culture and further implemented customer relationship management, which gradually improved the satisfaction and loyalty of Chinese customers, as well as corporate image and user awareness, and greatly improved market competitiveness. This not only enables Chinese cabinet companies to see the effects of customer relationship management, but also provides valuable experience worthy of reference and learning for my country's cabinet companies to implement customer relationship management.

  Basic content of customer management

  The basic content of customer management is as follows: understand customer needs (company, individual), in the daily maintenance process, cabinet companies should always understand customer needs, so as to find sales opportunities or solve customers' actual problems, and help customers grow. To discover, confirm, and seize opportunities, in addition to daily management during the visit, the most important thing for the account manager is to seize the opportunity to make sales.

   The second is to establish, deepen and maintain the relationship between key people. The cabinet company should establish people who can help the cabinet company (customer lovers, employees, accountants, etc.) within the customers in their daily interactions, and add them to maintenance, so that these people can become Invisible employees of cabinet companies. To achieve secondary or long-term sales, cabinet companies have already mentioned that there is scale to have victory. Business needs scale, and cabinet sales need scale. Repeated sales are the source of scale. For each customer, there must be a set of effective customer maintenance methods, and the maintenance of the customer’s customer conditions can not be a one-size-fits-all, but to be the customer’s steward and military adviser. Different customers need different maintenance programs and customers' shortcomings to make up for vacancies.

   The last thing is to help customers maximize their value. The question for cabinet companies is that besides selling cabinet companies’ products for the marginal profit, can cabinet companies provide them with any additional value-added services? For example, helping customers train their employees, telling them market information, assisting them in holding good promotion meetings, etc., so that customers feel that the company is standing with him and as a whole, which is also a united front for customers.

   Make customers dependent

  An important part of customer management is to make customers depend on you. One sentence is to make customers lazy. One person is too lazy to cook, so he goes out. If he is too lazy to go shopping, he can make online shopping.

  Case sharing: In order to solve the distribution problem of offline customer outlets, a southern company added 5 cars for cargo distribution. Buying a car directly increases operating costs, but the boss is happy. He told the author about his business experience. He said that if he does not buy a car and does not provide good service, then the following customers will buy a car. After buying a car, they must seek greater development, and then they need a larger site. , Then his status as a wholesaler will be lost in the future. There are many ways to make a customer lazy and dependent on you, such as making friends with his children, such as helping him plan next year's business, such as helping him with some business affairs and so on.

   There is a proverb in the West: 'What you sow, you will gain whatimportant. I believe in a principle: if the salesperson just lets the person with the lowest price make a deal, then there is no need for a salesperson in the world, as long as the computer is enough. The key to determining whether a product can be successfully recognized by customers is not in opportunism, but in people. Therefore, cabinet companies must also take customer management as a top priority. Cultivating a group of loyal and stable customers will surely make the company greatly catch up with the development speed of other companies in the same industry.
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