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How to deal with heavy hinge rust

by:Hench Hardware     2021-05-22

1. For heavy hinges that have been rusted, we need to use a special rust remover to remove them. If the hinges are completely out of use, they need to be replaced with new hinges to avoid affecting subsequent normal use.

2. Heavy hinges need to be cleaned regularly during use. If the hinges are contaminated with dust for a long time, chemical reactions will occur on the surface of the hinges for a long time to cause rust, so regular cleaning is very important of.

3. We can also apply oil to the hinges, which will provide a certain amount of lubrication, which will make the hinges run more smoothly and will not cause noise problems.

K101-heavy hinge

Use zinc alloy material

1. Equipped with six waist-shaped holes for firm installation and adjustment Convenient

2. SUS304 axis, solid and durable

3. Maximum opening angle of 135 degrees

4. Stainless steel wire drawing material cover, no installation marks on the surface< /p>

Usage: chassis cabinets, small ovens, automation equipment

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