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How to choose high-quality stainless steel hinges

by:Hench Hardware     2021-06-12

We can first see whether the surface of the hinge is flat. If there are scratches or deformations on the surface, then this product is the first to be eliminated. Secondly, look carefully at the surface treatment of the hinge. If the surface is not smooth or there are other impurities, it means that the electroplating layer is very thin; if the color and brightness of the electroplating layer are basically the same, it means that the electroplating is passed. To sum up, the high-quality hinges are superior in workmanship and surface treatment, with beautiful appearance and good clearance.

K203-stainless steel hinge

Use SUS304 material

Installed on the back of the door, the hinge cannot be seen from the outside

Any stop, can be positioned and stopped at any angle within the opening and closing range

Has passed 20,000 switch tests

Can be installed on aluminum frame

Usage: electrical cabinets, instrument cabinets, various automatic equipment

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