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How to choose furniture handle?

How to choose furniture handle?


Furniture handle & cabinet handle & kitchen cabinet handle


Furniture handle resembles the button on our dress, although it is a very small detail, can highlight decorative style however, want to understand the life of a person savour, see his furniture handle is ok.


 kitchen picture


1. How to choose furniture handle?

According to the style of decoration, the handle have modern style, European style, Chinese style, Mediterranean style, if the style is not consistent, there will be a sense of confusion. So if your decoration is European style, then you can choose what you like in the handle of European style.

furniture handle


2. What material does furniture handle have to pledge?

The most popular materials on the market are the following:

Zinc alloy material, iron material, stainless steel material, aluminum material.

Zinc alloy material: will not rust, a variety of style, of course, if you want to create a handle according to their own ideas, that is also very easy.

Zinc alloy handle


iron material: Limited by the shape of raw materials, few style, now plating process upgrade, usually, iron handle is not easy to rust.

iron handle




stainless steel material: will not rust ,Limited by the shape of raw materials, few style, in order to reduce its weight, there are usually a lot of hollow styles, usually made of SS201 and SS304, their prices are very different.

aluminum material: will not rust, a variety of style, if you want to create a handle according to their own ideas, that is also very easy. The difference between it and zinc alloy handle is light material.



There’s also a single-hole handle, which we call a knob handle, it can be made of metal and crystal, it fits in small drawers.

single hole handle



single hole handle 2

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