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How to Choose Cabinet trash can ?

How to Choose Cabinet trash can ?


How to Choose Cabinet trash can ?

Author:Hench Hardware's–drawer slide manufacturer

Cabinet trash cans have three different installationsbulid-in trash can, drawer style trash can and revolve trash can,

We can choose the right style according to the space of the cabinet in our home.

Bulid-in trash can, very convenient in use, open the lid can be put on the counter into the trash can. Its material is usually stainless steel and plastic, the price is also different, we can choose according to their preferences.

 cabinet trash can 1

cabinet trash can 2

cabinet trash can 3

Drawer style trash can, it have double bucket design, three and four bucket design, This will make it easier to separate trash, It is also equipped with an inner cover to

prevent the spread of odors. HENCH's cabinet trash bins are equipped with installation accessories, including drawer slides, installation accessory packages and brackets, makes installation easier, no extra required, Just measure the size of the cabinet and choose the right size cabinet trash can .

cabinet trash can 5

cabinet trash can6

cabinet trash can7cabinet trash can7

cabinet trash can8

Revolve trash can, usually, it requires a very small installation space, just open the cupboard door and throw out the trash, It is also equipped with an inner cover to

prevent the spread of odors. It's made of stainless steel and plastic.

 cabinet trash can 9

cabinet trash can 12

cabinet trash can 11


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