How to choose cabinet hinges Tell you how to buy good hinges


More and more people will know the importance of cabinets. It has a very good effect on the storage and aesthetics of the kitchen. If the cabinets are to be used, they need accessories. Among them, hinges are one of the commonly used accessories for cabinets. How to choose a hinge? When buying a cabinet, many people don't know the purchase requirements. Let's take a look at the three main points of choosing a cabinet hinge.

How to choose cabinet hinges. Tell you how to buy good hinges.

More and more people will know the importance of cabinets, which are very good for kitchen storage and aesthetics. In order to use the cabinet, accessories are needed. The hinge is one of the commonly used accessories in cabinets. How to choose cabinet hinges? When buying cabinets, many people don’t know the purchase requirements. Let’s take a look at the three main points of cabinet hinges. .

1. How to choose cabinet hinges

1. Look at the material and feel the touch

The hinges with good quality feel thick and have a smooth surface . Moreover, due to the thick surface plating, it looks brighter. This kind of hinge is strong and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity, and the cabinet door can be stretched freely, and the door will not be closed tightly. Inferior hinges are generally made of thin iron sheet welding, which is not so bright visually, and feels rough and thin.

2. On-site test

At the purchase site, you can try a few more hinge samples. A good hinge has soft force and uniform resilience when the door is opened; while a bad quality hinge There is almost no resilience.

3. Exploring the market situation

From the current market situation, the quality of kitchen hardware of brand-name products is relatively good, such as German Hettich, 'HyfuleMepla, Italian FGV, Salice, Ferrari, Boss, silla, BENO and other brands, among them, imported hardware is of the best quality, while many domestic products cannot withstand multiple openings and closings.

However, it is also a foreign brand, which also has advantages and disadvantages, and there are domestic, imported, and joint venture products. For example, the products of Häfele are divided into imported and domestically produced products. Time not only to look at the brand, but also to pay more attention to the specific place of origin. Of course, if you pay for one price, the price of a good product may be much higher than that of an ordinary product. However, the number of hinges required in the kitchen is limited, and the work undertaken is the most. It is believed that it will be the most affordable choice to install a few 'capable' hinges for your own kitchen.

4. Ask more.

In view of the phenomenon of fish-eyes in the kitchen hardware accessories market, consumers should also ask more when buying branded hinges to see if the hinges are two-stage force or One stage of force is better than two stages of force.

This mainly depends on the elasticity of the spring in the hinge. Due to the large spring elasticity of the two-stage force, the elastic force of the spring when the cabinet door is opened from 0 degrees to 15 degrees is the same as the elastic force when the spring is opened from 15 degrees to 90 degrees; and the one-stage force is due to the small elasticity of the spring, so the cabinet door The spring force when opening from 0 degrees to 15 degrees is obviously greater than the spring force when opening from 15 degrees to 90 degrees, which is manifested in the obvious slowdown when the cabinet door is opened from 15 degrees to 90 degrees. In addition, hinges with bad springs will last longer and have worse elasticity and are easily damaged.

 Second, the three major points of choosing cabinet hinges

Test reports are indispensable

When asked about test reports, many The merchant will present the inspection report of the raw materials. In fact, what the state requires is the inspection report of the finished furniture, and it is necessary to indicate the content of formaldehyde. The raw material inspection report is not a substitute for the finished product inspection report. Consumers need to keep their eyes open at this time to prevent the merchants from making fake products.

After-sales service is the guarantee

Businessmen who can provide high-quality after-sales service must have strong confidence in their products. In all aspects, the quality of its products will be relatively high. On the contrary, consumers should try to avoid choosing cabinets that seem to be very attractive but poorly guaranteed. Especially cabinets without a warranty period will cause trouble for future problems. .

Pay attention to details and feel more at ease

Whether the corners of the countertop are curved to prevent collisions, and whether the door opening angle of the wall cabinet will hit the body, these humanized designs should also become a consumer The factors of the person choosing cabinets. The selection of hardware accessories should not be ignored. Slide rails, hinges, pull baskets, drawer handles, etc. are all important. Especially the installation of wall cabinets must be balanced and firm, otherwise there may be great safety hazards. Including whether the edge sealing of the cabinet is tight, whether the hand feels straight and smooth, high-quality edge sealing can not only prolong the service life of the cabinet, but also bring good protection to the hygiene of the cabinet.

How to choose cabinet hinges? Most cabinets have been installed when they are made, and people don’t need to choose to buy them. If you want to buy hinges, you can take a look at the three major points of choosing cabinet hinges. With these contents, it will be easier and more convenient to buy hinges, and it will also help to buy good cabinets.

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