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How to choose cabinet hinge How to install cabinet hinge

How to choose cabinet hinge How to install cabinet hinge


I believe everyone knows the importance of cabinet hinges to cabinets. The quality of cabinet hinges will directly affect the use experience of cabinets and the service life of cabinets. Therefore, how to choose cabinet hinges is very knowledgeable. So, how to choose cabinet hinges and how to install cabinet hinges

Today, everyone will follow this article to learn more about the key points of the cabinet hinge purchase and installation knowledge for your reference.

How to choose cabinet hinges and how to install cabinet hinges.

Test reports are indispensable

When asked about the test reports, many businesses will show the test reports of raw materials. In fact, the state requires What is issued is the finished product inspection report of the furniture, and it is necessary to indicate the content of formaldehyde. The raw material inspection report cannot replace the finished product inspection report. Consumers need to keep their eyes open at this time to prevent some businesses from making fake products.

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After-sales service is a guarantee

Businesses who can provide high-quality after-sales service must Have strong confidence in their products. In all respects, the quality of its products will be relatively high. On the contrary, consumers should try to avoid choosing cabinets that seem to be very attractive but relatively insecure. Short warranty period or even no warranty will cause trouble for future problems of the product.

Pay attention to details and feel more at ease

Whether the corners of the countertop are curved to prevent collisions, and whether the door opening angle of the wall cabinet will hit the body, these humanized designs should also become a consumer The factors of the person choosing cabinets. The selection of hardware accessories cannot be ignored, hinges, slide rails, pull baskets, drawer handles, etc. are all important, especially the installation of wall cabinets, must be balanced and firm, otherwise there may be great safety hazards. Including whether the edge sealing of the cabinet is tight, whether the hand feels straight and smooth, high-quality edge sealing can not only prolong the service life of the cabinet, but also bring good protection to the hygiene of the cabinet.

How to install the cabinet hinge

1. When installing the cabinet hinge, make sure For the cabinet door size, determine the minimum margin between the cabinet doors, and the minimum margin of the cabinet door should be determined according to the hinge type. This is generally included in the cabinet hinge installation manual. You can refer to it to determine the value.

2. When connecting the cabinet hinge, install the measuring board, and then drill the hinge cup installation hole with a width of about 3-5mm on the cabinet door with a pistol drill or a woodworking hole opener, and the depth of the drilling Generally around 12mm.

3. Put the cabinet hinge into the cabinet door, and then fix the hinge cup with screws. After the hinge is inserted into the hole of the cabinet door, open the hinge and put it on the aligned side plate. Then fix the base of the hinge with self-tapping screws.

4. After installation, you can try the effect of opening and closing the cabinet door. If the effect is not good, adjust the cabinet door to adjust the cabinet door to the most ideal effect, and the cabinet door after installation The gap between is generally 2 mm.

The relevant information about cabinet hinges is here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone.

(The article comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted)


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