How to choose a suitable box handle


The characteristics of stainless steel box handles are that they are not easy to rust and the surface treatment is stable. Because of this characteristic, this kind of thing is the most commonly used. Zinc alloy is not as strong as stainless steel in terms of anti-rust ability, but in terms of its own material, Zinc alloy has stronger manufacturability and easier processing, which is suitable for consumers who have requirements on appearance.

The handle of the box also needs regular maintenance. It does not mean that this product does not need protection if it is of good quality or strong anti-rust ability. The first thing we need to ensure is the dryness of the product environment. Often in a humid and unventilated environment, it is easy to cause rust.

L03 box handle

Use SUS304 material

Thick steel plate, thicker pull ring, greater bearing capacity

Use: furniture, packaging boxes, machinery and equipment

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