How to choose a cabinet door hinge? How to choose custom cabinet hinges?


Speaking of kitchen hardware, the 'comers' who have renovated the kitchen can all be said to have a history of purchase.

How to choose cabinet door hinge? How to choose custom cabinet hinges?

Speaking of kitchen hardware, the 'comers' who have renovated the kitchen can all be said to have a history of purchase.

Don’t look at the custom cabinet hardware usually hidden in the cabinet, pressed under the cabinet, it looks very inconspicuous. In fact, they are an important supporting role for the green leaves in the kitchen. There is no high-quality kitchen hardware. There will be a 'strike' in the kitchen of the country.

As the types of custom cabinet hardware on the market increase, the price and quality of kitchen hardware are naturally uneven. How do you choose the custom cabinet hardware that you are satisfied with? Today we first talk about the number one supporting role in this kitchen-cabinet hinges.

Cabinet hinge: It is the connecting hardware connecting the cabinet door and the cabinet body. It not only supports the full weight of the cabinet door, but also withstands the test of opening and closing the cabinet door countless times. It can be said that it is the most important hardware in the kitchen.

From the perspective of the opening and closing of the cabinet door, the types of cabinet hinges can be roughly divided into two categories: the outer side and the inner side, and the outer side has the difference between a half cover and a full cover.

In addition, there are hinges that connect special material door panels, such as hinges for glass doors, hydraulic buffer hinges, etc. Generally, before the cabinet is installed, the cabinet designer will explain to you which of the above types of hinges should be purchased for the cabinet.

From the perspective of the way the hinge is used on the door panel, there are generally two-point and three-point hinges. At the same time, there are also multi-point positioning hinges. .

The so-called multi-point positioning means that the door panel can stay at any angle when it is opened. It will not be difficult to open or close suddenly, thus ensuring the safety of use. It is very suitable for use in On the flip-up cabinet door.

From the structural point of view, most of the hinges on the market are detachable and are divided into two parts: a base and a buckle. As far as the hinge material is concerned, most hinges are now made of cold-rolled steel.

Good hinges are basically stamped and formed at one time, and have one to several layers of plating to ensure a smooth and thick feel that is not easy to be attached to the moisture in the kitchen, and is not easy to be corroded.

Shopping tips:

On-site testing At the purchase site, you can try a few more hinge samples. A good hinge has soft force and uniform resilience when the door is opened; but the quality is not good The hinge has almost no resilience.

Look at the material and feel the good quality of the hinge. The hinge feels thick and has a smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick surface plating, it looks brighter.

Such hinges are strong and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity, and the cabinet doors can be stretched freely, and the door will not be closed tightly. Inferior hinges are generally made of thin iron sheet welding, which is not so bright visually, and feels rough and thin.

In view of the current phenomenon of fish-eyes in the kitchen hardware accessories market, consumers should also ask more when buying branded hinges to see if the hinge is two-stage or one-stage, and the two-stage force is relatively better.

This mainly depends on the elasticity of the spring in the hinge. Due to the large spring elasticity of the two-stage force, the elastic force of the spring when the cabinet door is opened from 0 to 15 degrees is the same as the elastic force when the door is opened from 15 to 90 degrees.

Because of the small elasticity of the spring, the spring force when the cabinet door is opened from 0 degrees to 15 degrees is obviously greater than the spring force when the door is opened from 15 degrees to 90 degrees, which is reflected in the cabinet door. When opening from 15 degrees to 90 degrees, the speed slows down significantly. In addition, hinges with bad springs will last longer and have worse elasticity and are easily damaged.

The hardware of custom cabinets cannot be ignored. The most well-known hardware brand in China is Hettich. The most cost-effective foreign import can choose Blum, and the lifespan Will be very long and durable. Hope that after reading this post in the editor, you can know how to choose cabinet hinges.

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