How to buy stainless steel cabinet hinges Stainless steel cabinet price introduction


Stainless steel hinge is a kind of decoration accessory that we often have in our lives. However, because of its small size and generally connecting in some corners, many people don’t know much about it. Stainless steel hinges are the most widely used in the home, but many people know very little about it, so let's take everyone to understand stainless steel hinges.

How to buy stainless steel cabinet hinges. Introduction to the price of stainless steel cabinets

Stainless steel hinges are a kind of decoration accessories that we often have in our lives, but because of its small size and generally It acts as a connection in some corners, so many people don’t know much about it. Stainless steel hinges are the most widely used in homes, but many people know very little about it, so let’s take you here. Go and learn about stainless steel hinges.

Are stainless steel hinges good?

There are many types of hinges, and stainless steel hinges are generally used in our families, so many people definitely want to know whether stainless steel hinges are good or not. In fact Stainless steel hinges are mainly composed of two stainless steel blades connected by pins. The device used to connect or rotate allows the door, cover or other swinging parts to move. It belongs to the system with a rotating shaft. Although the structure is simple, it is a test of workmanship.

There are many types of stainless steel hinges, mainly divided into ordinary hinges, pipe hinges (also called spring hinges), door hinges, countertop hinges, flap hinges, etc. Stainless steel common hinges are often used on doors, windows or cabinets, and they are also a very widely used type. This kind of hinge is very popular now, with good quality, beautiful appearance and affordable price, but its disadvantage is that there is no spring hinge. Function, after installing the hinge, you must install various touch beads, otherwise it will be easily blown away by the wind.

How to buy stainless steel hinges

When purchasing stainless steel hinges, pay attention to the thickness of the steel plate. Generally, different thicknesses of 3 mm to 4 mm are used. Generally, the thicker the hinge, the more Durability, of course, it is not suitable to always pursue the thickness. It should be selected according to the needs. If it is a lighter door, it is recommended to choose a thickness of 3mm. Of course, if the door is heavier, you can choose a thickness of 4mm or more. Stainless steel hinges are fine. If not, you can increase the number of hinges to solve the problem. Let’s take a look at the purchasing skills.

1) First of all, we need to look at the appearance. Remember to take a few more comparisons to see if the appearance of the hinges is roughly the same. Generally, the hinges produced by poor hinge factories are black here, and where yellow is very yellow. Inconsistent, electroplating is also unstable, if the electroplating layer is thin, it is easy to rust.

2) Holding the hinged iron cup, slowly close the hinge as if closing the door. This time, it should be slow, and feel for yourself whether it is smooth. If there are no obstacles, even a few will be like this. Then the hinges produced by this factory should be considered qualified initially.

3) After installing the door, look at the feeling, press down slightly hard to see how the bearing capacity of the hinge is. If it is easy to sink and it is still serious, then the quality is not good. Be careful after installation Later, the door panel is asymmetrical.

4) Use a professional fatigue tester to test its durability, and a salt spray tester to test its rust resistance. This is not what the average consumer can achieve.

Wholesale price of stainless steel hinges

Stainless steel hinges are the first hinges in the home. There are many brands in the market, and the price is far behind. Many people don’t know about these hinges. Wholesale prices, often do not know how to negotiate prices with buyers, so below we will take you to understand the prices of several major brands of stainless steel hinges that are more commonly used in the market.

Stainless steel hinge price list brand model type surface treatment specification price (yuan) Zhekai hardware ZK303 ordinary square hinge stainless steel sanding 4*4*212.00/to JYA QX0302 detachable hinge stainless steel drawing 4*3*2.65. 00/Gute GUTE/Muffler hinge stainless steel wire drawing/18.00/Small brother SD-A430 PD bearing hinge wire drawing 4*3*335.00/pair of German EKF/bearing hinge stainless steel nickel wire drawing/54.00/Fu Meiju 020 Combination hinge drawing 4*3*2.54.20/pair FDB40325 bearing hinge drawing 4*3*2.55.80/pair

Summary: The function of hinges in door, window and cabinet system In the beginning, when we used it, we only considered its practicability in most cases. Now people pay more attention to its aesthetics. From the original wooden hinge to the stainless steel hinge that is often used by people nowadays, stainless steel hinge The effect is great, but everyone must pay attention to whether it is made of stainless steel when choosing. If it is not stainless steel, it will be troublesome.

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