How the cabinet handle is more durable


For example, cabinet door hinges, door handles, drawer guides, etc., whose quality directly affects the service life. How can the handle be more durable? The key depends on its material. Only by choosing a high-quality, high-quality product can problems such as rust and deformation be avoided.

The height of the cabinet design needs to be customized according to the height of the family members. In addition, it is recommended to use a brand with a long and good brand for frequent use. Nowadays, there are more pneumatic functions on the market, as long as you use light force, it will automatically open, which is very convenient when taking things.

M36-cabinet handle

Made of SUS304 material

Stainless steel hidden handle, different sizes and shapes are available, and the mounting holes can be hidden , Exposed

Usage: emergency doors, kitchen doors, various cabinets, measuring cabinets, measuring equipment

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