How should the cabinet industry respond to the challenges of the Internet transformation?

Entering the 'Golden Three and Silver FourThe high cost of raw materials, low brand effect, and increased labor costs are all problems that plague the development of the cabinet industry. Traditional small and medium-sized cabinet companies are increasingly difficult to survive. The opposite is the popularity of online stores. 'Double 11' and 'Double 12' have set off a wave of online shopping again and again, which shows that the Internet economy is booming. The impact of this emerging economic model has doubled the pressure on the cabinet industry that has always relied on traditional channels. Many companies have begun to think about changes and get together on the Internet.

   Nowadays, with the deepening, popularization and opening of the Internet, and the continuous advancement of technical means, the growth rate of the cabinet e-commerce market has greatly exceeded the imagination of Chinese people. Now the cabinet e-commerce field has entered a period of rapid growth, and it has gradually become popular, becoming the new darling of urban white-collar workers. It is an inevitable way for the traditional cabinet industry to enter the e-commerce platform. So how should the cabinet industry deal with the various problems that it will face under the wave of Internet transformation?

   Improve online sales channels to resolve price conflicts

   The first thing to enter the Internet business is to choose the appropriate platform and distribution system. For example, Tmall is suitable for direct sales mode, and Taobao is suitable for distribution mode. For companies, there are no product, brand and capital issues, they can choose a complete distribution system, use the distribution system to spread products to distributors, manage distributors, support distributors, and help companies quickly build consignment and wholesale business development. A capable online store system to build distribution channels across the entire network.

  Secondly, cabinet companies should focus on resolving conflicts between online and offline channels. At present, online sales are still dominated by price wars. For cabinet companies that have just entered e-commerce, they will inevitably need to participate in price competition. For e-commerce, the main concern of traditional companies is how to deal with offline and online prices. conflict. “One of the feasible channels is that companies can design and produce exclusive styles for online design, form the differentiation of online and offline styles, and maintain the same online and offline prices as much as possible.” An e-commerce person said, he said, For the price management of distributors, special personnel can be arranged to monitor the prices of all network channels and maintain the unity of the entire network prices.

  Establishing a network brand strategic layout model

  Many cabinet companies often have a misunderstanding, thinking that cabinet e-commerce is just changing the venue from a store to a network, which is actually not accurate. 'Network marketing, brand operation, online promotion, logistics and distribution are all problems that need to be solved in e-commerce. For brands, network branding and brand networking are inevitable choices. From information management to follow-up Service management, combined with the use of the Internet, to create an online brand reputation effect.” Senior e-commerce professionals believe that through the promotion of online media, the combination of physical outlets, network services, and Internet application operations, the ability to scale service operations can be achieved. Established a service brand for the cabinet industry.

   Grasp the marketing strategy and optimize and upgrade in time

   An obvious feature of e-commerce is 'fast'. This requires cabinet companies to quickly make adjustments in marketing strategies and directions based on market dynamics. On e-commerce platform websites, website updates are required to meet the needs of online sales business in a timely manner. The development and construction of e-commerce websites requires long-term system maintenance, optimization and upgrades. If the online store system platform cannot be expanded freely due to business growth, then the technical deficiencies in e-commerce will surely become the main reason for cabinet companies to quickly open up the market. A stumbling block, so that cabinet companies will not be able to grasp the opportunity in time, resulting in a waste of capital and time, and thus lose the opportunity and the first opportunity to grab potential customers.
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