How hot is the customization of the whole house? The 2017 Construction Expo will see what the big bosses say

As the consumer group becomes younger and the number of small-sized houses increases, the functional demand for customized home products has been created. The concept of customized consumption has gradually become popular. In addition, with the rapid development of information technology and industrial integration, companies have transformed from a single product thinking. When thinking about the Internet, cross-border integration is no longer a difficult point.

   At the 2017 Guangzhou Construction Expo, this trend has been fully reflected. I visited the exhibition and the major brand exhibition halls seemed to be outdated without the slogan of whole house customization. The concept of whole house customization It seems to have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  The concept of whole-house customization is so hot, let’s hear what the big guys say? The “Cabinet·Custom Home Furnishing” Industry Leaders Creation Forum in China held during the China Construction Expo invited business leaders to discuss the trend of the custom home industry.
Liu Zeqin, general manager of    Simi Cabinet, believes that as a company's strategic development, it should be that if you want to expand the category, you must do well in your main business before you expand, instead of blindly expanding.

  'Customization is a trend. Tucson is the most demanding of the whole house customization. Service accounts for a particularly large proportion. Through the efforts of the past few years, a way has been found and a system has been established. Regardless of whether the house is customized or the whole house is home, someone has to do the hard work, so I will do a good job in this market segment.' said Wang Weiyang, chairman of Tucson Wood.

   KD Home Chairman Yan Hong believes that the trend of whole house customization is a concept, and companies should not chase the concept too much. Whether whole house customization or whole wooden home, the ultimate goal is to solve the pain points of users, and ultimately it is the consumer Determined by the needs of the company, it is necessary to consider whether No Customization can really provide a whole-house customized solution. In fact, Katie Home had an slogan seven or eight years ago, 'Katie Home is more than just a wardrobe'.

  'Katie has been selling cabinets for so many years, but we have never promoted that we make cabinets, but customers have this kind of demand, and we have done it, so my point of view is not to chase the concept of what is called too much. Customer needs, make your products well. In the current custom market in China, Katie uses a very strange word, because we have not always followed the trend, we stick to our own, whether it is from Products are still marketing, our own development route.' Yan Hong said.

  Mage Home Chairman Tang Bin believes that whether it is whole-house customization or integrated customization, it depends on the capabilities of the company. The precipitation of corporate strategic positioning and internal capabilities is very important. In addition, in addition to the corporate level, consumers The future trend is the key. 'Since I registered in 2004, it has been called Margo Custom Furniture, because consumers must take space as a solution in the future, and make products around space. Cabinets and wardrobes are just a part of this space. The general trend for consumers in the future must be Space and products, and space solutions are the direction we are going to take in the future. We can provide users with a one-stop solution, which is driven by the needs of consumers.

  Tang Bin said: “The rapid development of whole-house customization depends on the rapid progress of a new generation of information technology and smart devices. The whole-house customization is the future direction, although it cannot be asserted that this industry will reach the 100 billion level. Scale, but it can be done at a very good scale.'
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