How high the countertops of the cabinets are best to use, it is so cool after moving in!

When cooking and cutting vegetables in the kitchen, I had to bend over, raised my head and accidentally bumped into the wall cabinet, and the clutter on the operation table couldn't fit...These small embarrassing situations in the kitchen were all due to the lack of attention to the details. It is recommended that you consider the following 5 small details when decorating, so as to effectively improve the comfort of life in minutes. 1 The height of the operating table The height of the operating table needs to be suitable for the height of the owner. According to scientific experience, the height of the kitchen operating table is best at 85~90cm. This height is exactly the height that the hostess who is 1.6 meters tall naturally raises the arms. (The specific height should be adjusted according to the needs of the family) 2 Kitchen countertops are all water along the kitchen countertops? If you accidentally drip onto your body or your feet, you must purchase a waterproof cabinet countertop, as shown in the picture above, along with the water-stop line at the edge and the water-stop line at the bottom. 3 The height of the wall cabinet is based on the floor height of the Chinese flat-storey house. Generally, the height of the wall cabinet is 1.6 meters above the ground. If it is less than 1.5 meters, it will not only affect the kitchen operation space, but also the kitchen will appear cramped and depressed. The design of the wall cabinet must meet two conditions: 1. The wall cabinet is generally divided into two compartments, and the things in the lower compartment should meet the requirements of people who are about 1.6 meters high. 2. Also consider that tall people (males with a height of 1.8 meters) should not meet their heads when washing and cutting vegetables. After repeated trials, the best size is that the wall cabinet thickness is generally 300-350mm, and the height from the washbasin countertop is 700mm. Moreover, it is best to install a light strip under the wall cabinet to avoid the situation where the body blocks the light and affects the operation. 4The wall cabinet is designed to open to the left with double doors. According to the principle of human function, the wall cabinet in the upper left position of the general operation area is designed to open to the left; the wall cabinet in the upper right position of the operating area is designed to open to the right, so that the sliding door is more convenient . 5 Range hood height range hood can be top-suction or side-suction type, depending on what you like. The top-suction installation height is between 65-75cm from the stove; and the bottom of the side suction range hood can be closer to the stove, generally between 35-45cm, which is a hard indicator. Don't underestimate these small details. When you do it, you can feel a lot easier, cook with a beautiful mood, and make delicious food. How to improve the quality of life is more than just a few details. In this issue, we invited Lu Yuming, the elite designer of China Design of the Year in 2018, to share with us 'Spend the least money to build the most comfortable homeOn the cutting edge, create a super comfortable living space, improve your quality of life in minutes, and make your home more comfortable~ This course has to get one free. The fourth live broadcast class is on the way. We have invited it for ten years. Senior designer Dason will share 'Kitchen Countertops Buying SkillsThe second phase of the live broadcast 'Home Improvement Planning Space Skills' return visit video has been released, click to watch the return visit for free]article_adlist-->
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