How far is the open kitchen from the Chinese family?

So, is the open kitchen really just an unattainable dream of Chinese families? How far is it from the Chinese family?

   'The open kitchen is not far away. You have two choices: one is to change your eating habits and cooking style; the other is to choose the right kitchen appliances to solve the problem of oil fume.' Sun Liming, vice president of the brand and marketing department of Fangtai Express.

   After the 'Wind Cube' range hood was fully launched last year, Fang Tai launched a brand new 'Cloud Cube' this year, and has worked hard to bring high-end products to the market with an annual push. From oil fume smokers to instantaneous noises caused by frying, from Chinese kitchen fume that is too heavy to be opened to high-rise residential cooking peak oil fume congestion problem, the function of the new product has also extended from the original solution to small home problems to a wider range of residential environmental problems .

  Sun Liming said, “Changing the function and design of range hoods is actually changing the life style and home environment of Chinese people, and reducing the harm to the environment and human body caused by kitchen pollution.”

  Chinese Family 'Green Kitchen' Project

   But he said, this is just the first step in his 'green kitchen' plan. In his plan, the 'green kitchen' transformation plan must be equipped with high-combustion gas stoves and built-in steam boxes in addition to efficient oil fume extraction.

   'I hope to promote fashionable and healthy eating habits and environmentally friendly and energy-saving cooking methods through the 'Green Kitchen' program.' Sun Liming said.

   However, can high-end green energy-saving kitchen appliances enter more mass consumer households? Can the dream of high-end products and popularization of prices be realized? Sun Liming believes that the target audience of Fangtai products is high-end groups, and the products launched are also high-quality series, because the cost is inevitably higher.

  'When we buy LV bags, we also hope that it will be of better quality and cheaper price. However, high-quality products are bound to be different from low-end and low-priced products. Whether it is Ru0026D design or terminal service, it is more reliable. Therefore, the cost will be relatively higher. However, as long as the quality is there, consumers will be willing to pay. We hope that through good range hoods, Chinese families can also enjoy the fashionable and healthy new life brought about by the open kitchen.' Sun Liming Express.
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