How do consumers distinguish quality problems of stainless steel door fittings


1. First of all, look at the material of the stainless steel door. Generally, consumers of good quality doors feel thick to the touch, and the surface is also very smooth without burrs. Because the door has been surface-treated, it will not easily rust and corrode.

2. Doors of different quality feel different in the hand, and the feeling of use is also different. Good quality doors will be softer in strength and rebound when used. The intensity is also relatively even.

3. The quality of stainless steel door fittings will also be reflected in the details, such as whether it makes noise during operation and whether the opening and closing process is smooth.

M02B-Stainless steel door fittings

Use SUS304 material

Stainless steel castings, rotating tight seal, corrosion resistance, lock handle The position can be replaced up, down, left and right

Uses: ships, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, environmental equipment

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