Home-related new policies are frequently introduced, and it is more important for cabinet companies to be strict in self-discipline

As we all know, the national standard called 'Limits of Formaldehyde Release in Interior Decoration Materials, Wood-based Panels and Products' is the best 'self-defense weapon' for consumers to purchase panel furniture and other products. It is understood that since the use of the old national standard in 2002, it has been difficult to meet consumer demand. The new national standard has now entered the approval stage and is a mandatory national standard. For home furnishing companies including cabinets, there are higher and stricter requirements, and the 'binding' is stronger, and cabinet companies must be stricter in their own discipline.

   Formaldehyde emission standards are stricter

   According to the '2015-2020 China Soft Decoration Home Furnishing Industry Special Research and Investment Value Forecast Report' released by the China Report Hall, expert analysis shows that the new national standard is closely related to consumers mainly including: stipulating different product types The test method for the limit value of formaldehyde emission, and the products are divided into two levels, E1 and E2 according to the amount of formaldehyde emission. Among them, E1 level can be used directly indoors, and E2 level can be used indoors only after finishing. The well-known boards and board products, such as particleboard, fiberboard and laminate flooring and other decoration products, all stipulate the formaldehyde emission limit value in this standard, and the formaldehyde limit value of many related product standards is also unified with this standard.

   Children's furniture standards are stricter and more content

   The new national standard 'Safety requirements for playpens and similar cribs' officially implemented on May 1, 2014, provides important information on the structure, strength, warning signs, installation instructions, and toxic and hazardous substances of cribs. Detailed regulations. This new national standard has also become the most concerned content of the 'Mom Consumer Group'. In the mandatory content of the national standard, the maximum limit of the elements that can be moved in the material is limited. In the structure section, details such as holes, openings and gaps, edges, points, corners, moving parts, folding locking mechanisms, etc. of similar furniture Make provisions.

   cabinet companies embark on the road of environmental protection transformation

   In the past two years, green environmental protection has always been a hot topic in the field of decoration. Nowadays, consumers have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection when purchasing cabinet products. They will not only learn more about the formaldehyde content of the products, but also give priority to those products that have been certified for green environmental protection. It can be said that the concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and ordinary consumers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection of cabinets. An important content that customers usually understand is the environmental performance of the product, and some even regard it as the first element of whether or not to buy a product. This has brought new instructions to cabinet companies. The current ecological environment in my country is still not optimistic, and it is urgent to promote environmental governance. The transformation of cabinet companies to 'environmental protection' has become a work that many cabinet companies need to actively promote.
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