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The kitchen is an important place in home life. What we eat every day comes from here. The quality of the kitchen has a great impact on our health, and the kitchen is basically located at the core of the house, and its Feng Shui layout is also very critical . How to decorate the kitchen?

Feng Shui layout of home kitchen decoration

The kitchen is an important place in home life. What we eat every day comes from here. The quality of the kitchen is good for us. The health impact of the kitchen is very large, and the kitchen is basically located in the core of the house, and its Feng Shui layout is also very critical. So how to decorate the kitchen? Let's follow the editor to take a look at the kitchen decoration skills and the layout of the kitchen decoration feng shui.

Kitchen decoration skills

1. Oil fume

The kitchen is an area that is often exposed to oil fume and is the worst area in the family environment. Therefore, during the decoration process Be sure to pay attention to the problem of oil smoke in the kitchen. In home decoration, a range hood is generally chosen as a way to solve the problem of oil smoke, and the distance between the range hood and the stove should not exceed 60 cm during installation. Moreover, it is most suitable to install the cabinet and the range hood at the same time, so that the installation position is more suitable, and the height of the range hood also determines whether the use of the range hood can remove the lampblack more cleanly.

2. Tiles

The laying of tiles is extremely necessary for the kitchen. When choosing kitchen tiles, you also need to pay attention to the kitchen decoration style and the overall interior decoration style. Inter-coordination. If the indoor light is too bright or too dark, use tiles with a lighter tone to reduce the impact of light on vision. In addition to the tiles, comfort should be considered. Generally, non-slip and wear-resistant tiles should be selected.

3. Curtains

Considering the problem of kitchen fumes, when choosing kitchen curtains, you need to consider the ventilation of the curtains themselves, block mosquitoes and flies, and the difficulty of cleaning. Now in the general kitchen The use of aluminum alloy blinds, aluminum alloy curtains, is easier than other materials in terms of stain resistance and convenient cleaning. At the same time, the form of blinds has good air permeability and has obvious effects on shielding, so aluminum alloy material Blinds are really a good choice for curtains in the kitchen.

4. Storage

The kitchen utensils in the kitchen are more diverse, so it is extremely important to store kitchen utensils reasonably, so you must pay attention to space when decorating the kitchen Reasonable and full use of the above, you can use wall cabinets, counter cabinets, etc. The use of low cabinets should be presented in a drawer style, and the wall cabinets should be presented in a multi-layer grid, which is convenient and practical.

Feng Shui layout of kitchen decoration

1: What about western kitchens

No one wants to put the kitchen in the west directly, but sometimes it is because of home decoration or The house I bought was in the West, and the result was that the kitchen had to be located in the West. The problem with putting it directly in the West is that it will block the wealth. Some solutions must be found for this situation. Some safflowers can be placed in the West. Which flower is better to choose? Daffodils and violets are very good. It can block the evil caused by the sunset and bring wealth to the family.

Two: Dining room and kitchen location

The dining room and kitchen should be closer. If the distance between the two is too far, it will waste time during the meal. The dining room cannot be placed directly in the kitchen, and you will feel uncomfortable during meals due to oily smoke and other conditions. This is the most basic requirement in the layout of the kitchen feng shui decoration. The kitchen floor must be very flat, and it must not be higher than the floor of the other rooms in the house.

3: The restaurant is better located in the south

The restaurant is better in the south, the sunshine in the south is more abundant, and the family will be more king because of this. . If a refrigerator is specially installed in the restaurant, it cannot be placed in the south at this time, but it should be placed in the north. The reason is that the refrigerator is water, which is negative, but in the south, there is a conflict between yin and yang. Regardless of whether the restaurant is located in the south or the north, there is a specific requirement, that is, the restaurant cannot directly face the door.

On the kitchen decoration skills and the layout of the kitchen decoration Feng Shui Xiaobian introduced here, the quality of the kitchen decoration is not only related to the convenience of making food, but also affects the quality of people's life. I believe that after reading the above precautions for kitchen decoration, it will definitely help in the process of kitchen decoration.

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