Home furnishing stores are facing transformation, and it is imperative to unify product codes

In recent years, e-commerce has developed rapidly, and many home furnishing companies and home furnishing stores have tried water e-commerce. For the development of stores, the layout of e-commerce channels must balance the relationship between online and offline to ensure the coordinated development of dual channels. In the period of transforming household stores, perhaps the same product code can lay a good foundation for future market operations.

  Home Furnishing Store Creates O2O Model?

   The e-commerce supervisor of a home store believes that the O2O model is not just as simple as e-commerce. The O2O model emphasizes the combination of localized services and the convenience of the network, and promotes the coordinated development of online and offline, thus realizing the traditional Enterprise's omni-channel coverage. For home furnishing stores to be O2O, they must first achieve three levels of data unification. One is to achieve data unification for all stores, the other is to achieve online and offline data, and the third is to achieve data unification for stores and brand merchants. For traditional home furnishing enterprises or home furnishing stores, creating an O2O model is a comprehensive system engineering, which will ultimately greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

   stores are facing transformation, unified commodity coding is imperative

   With the intensification of market competition, the management of home furnishing stores is facing a more severe test. For home furnishing stores, the main crux of O2O lies in whether it can get through the data and give each item a unique code. The first is how to unify codes online and offline, and make adjustments according to business needs to achieve differentiated development. The second is whether the business process can be opened up and how to reshape it.

  O2O enterprises need to extend from merchant category and brand management to single product management. According to an insider in the home furnishing industry, many home furnishing stores have begun to unify product codes very early to ensure that the same product has the same identity code in each store. 'This has laid a good foundation for realizing big data management after data sharing, effectively analyzing user data, and guiding market operations.'

   At present, the informatization of my country's home furnishing manufacturing industry is still in its infancy, and a number of home furnishing product manufacturers with better informatization construction have begun to gradually apply coding and bar code technology to their management systems. Maybe in the near future, when we enter the home store, just like entering the supermarket to buy goods and scanning codes today, all business models centered on user experience are coming to us!
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