Home furnishing market realizes recovery from falling, cabinet industry upgrades and gathers competitiveness

The current economic situation facing the cabinet industry is relatively complicated. Although various 'recovery' theories have been published from time to time, it is an indisputable fact that the export market has not warmed up. The first half of the year was greatly affected by the turmoil of the property market, and the entire home building materials market was in a downturn. Although the current decline has been basically achieved, it also means that the competition in the second half of the year will become more intense.

   cabinet enterprises need industrial upgrading

   If you want to take the lead in this situation, cabinet companies need to achieve through industrial upgrading. For example, from the source of the industrial chain to seize the commanding heights of new material application and new technology research and development, new technologies, new materials, and new processes will win the market expansion in the second half of the year.

  Intelligent wave can make a fuss

   There are many ideas for upgrading the cabinet industry. In addition to making a fuss about style, taste and other design aspects, cabinet companies can also make a fuss about intelligence, such as integrating communications and e-commerce. There are endless products that can be created. The wave of intelligence is coming. As long as cabinet companies are willing to innovate, whether it is crowdfunding or venture capital, they can raise funds to realize their dreams.

  Internet thinking as planning

   At the same time, the future planning of cabinet companies should be thought of on the Internet, emphasizing the ultimate user experience. This is the future business model, and the future fan economy may defeat the traditional manufacturing economy. Therefore, cabinet companies should pay attention to what is changing on the Internet. The Internet is improving product design, changing consumers, and changing channels, so it is necessary to embrace the Internet. Therefore, in the future, more cabinet companies should compete as Internet gamers in the global structure. Cabinets are no longer traditional products. They must interact with fans and are an important part of the smart home era.

   For China's cabinet industry, the key to its development, whether to be broken or to be established, is to focus on whether it can truly grasp the competitiveness of the future.
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