Home furnishing e-commerce releases huge space, cabinet companies boldly overcome shortcomings

In the Internet age, in addition to competing for product quality and after-sales service, cabinet companies also compete for marketing efficiency. E-commerce, as an intermediate link in the channel, can save a lot of effort compared to traditional home furnishing store channels. Of course, the attention of cabinet companies has gradually begun to focus on e-commerce. However, as a bulk consumer product, cabinets still have many shortcomings in the development process of e-commerce, and cabinet companies need to concentrate their efforts to overcome them.

   E-commerce brings huge changes

   After changing the clothing and home appliance industries, since last year, 'e-commerce' has gradually penetrated the home furnishing industry. In the past, the “Diaosi” brands in the home furnishing industry were often active on e-commerce platforms. However, since last year, more and more well-known brands have begun to appear on e-commerce platforms. This can not help but make cabinet companies a little jealous.

   China's home furnishing e-commerce space is huge

   At the national 'two sessions' held in Beijing this year, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned the word 'Internet' 8 times in the government work report, and pointed out that an 'Internet + Action Plan' would be formulated to promote e-commerce, industrial Internet and The healthy development of Internet finance. This means that the Internet will become a national strategy, and e-commerce will usher in new development opportunities.

   And relevant information shows that in developed countries such as the United States and Japan, home furnishing e-commerce occupies about 20% of the market share, while China is only 3% -5%, which means that this market has great room for release. . Under the constant surging of this 'e-commerce wave

   cabinet companies boldly assess the future

   However, some companies have unique insights into the understanding and application of 'e-commerce'. Some pioneering companies have dared to break the convention and use their online and offline integrated platforms as a service initiative, rather than treating online as a sales channel that is separated from offline. Although the cabinet industry has not yet had successful cases for reference in the journey of e-commerce, the pioneers continue to try at least to open up many different directions for cabinet companies to enter e-commerce. What the cabinet company has to do is to change the existing thinking mode from the root, and it needs to boldly evaluate the present from the perspective of the future.
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