Home decoration guide: kitchen design considerations


External pendants. Storage pendants other than cabinets are also essential, such as wall drain racks, knife holders, wine glass holders, magnetic knife holders and storage baskets, hooks and hangers, etc., which are not only neat and clean, but also free space. The handle incorporates small details into the design from the beginning to create a harmonious and unified kitchen.

Home decoration guide: Kitchen design considerations

External pendants

Storage pendants other than cabinets are also essential, such as wall drying racks, knife racks , Wine glass holder, magnetic knife holder, storage basket, hook and hanger, etc., not only neat and clean, but also free up space.


From the beginning, small details are incorporated into the design to create a harmonious and unified kitchen. Do not choose a handle that is too long relative to the cabinet door, otherwise, when the cabinet door is opened, it may hit other cabinet doors or handles.

Operation table

The main operation table should have a space of 60-120cm. The best area for food preparation is the work surface between the stove and the sink. It is recommended to leave a distance of at least 60cm between the stove and the sink.

The countertop and the wall cabinet

The minimum distance between the countertop and the bottom edge of the wall cabinet or the decorative strip is 50cm, otherwise the cabinet may block the line of sight when working on the countertop.

Kitchen island

The kitchen island should be installed with a skirting board frame and fixed on the cabinet and the floor at the same time to strengthen the stability and safety of the kitchen island.

Drawer chests

Do not set up chest of drawers next to the oven/stove to prevent children from using it as a ladder to climb onto the oven/stove.


Do not place the built-in oven or dishwasher/disinfector at the corner. Otherwise, when the door is opened, it will block the drawer or cabinet next to it. Also try to avoid installing the range hood close to the corner and even the wall cabinet.


The sink and dishwasher/disinfector are placed close to each other. Between the dishwasher/disinfection cabinet and the sink, a 40-60cm wide operating table can be placed on which a tray drain rack can be placed.


Glassware, porcelain and cutlery should be stored near sinks and dishwashers/sterilizers. If you want to save space on the operating table, you can consider installing a filter holder and a knife holder on the wall.

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