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Door hinges are widely applicable to all types of doors It is our responsibility that how to make the hinges perfect and comfortable, to make satisfy the customers.

In the process of producing, it often encounters some accidental problems that need us to settle it in time and professionally. Our Hengchuan have more than 10 years experience in making hinges, and have accumulated rich pragmatic experiences to settle all kinds of problems what may have.  So you can be 100% rest assured to purchase from us.

The hinges we produce have the characteristics of flexible and quiet, and the gap between the bearing and the sheet is small, which effectively guarantees smooth opening and closing and flexible and quiet. It’s Scientifically distributed points can evenly force the hinge. And it is made of high-quality iron forging and polishing, with strong anti-rust function, thick and strong hinge, durable. The surface mirror design and bright light not only show a full sense of modern fashion, but also show the overall high-end atmosphere.

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