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Hidden handles are now available-simplified grip

by:Hench Hardware     2021-06-01

Elegantly covered or visibly bolted, and available in a variety of surfaces and colors: hidden handles M43 and M32 are newly added handles in TANJA's extensive selection of standard parts. Yantai Tanjia Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturing factory dedicated to the development and production of industrial hardware. Currently, it provides M43 and M32 hidden handles with front or back mounting options. Compared with typical handles, hidden handles have the following advantages: They are flush with the surface, so they are suitable for applications that need to save space. Hidden handles are usually used in packaging, medical, printing, woodworking, transportation and material handling industries to pull or lift cabinet doors, door hatches and access doors. The chief designer of TANJA handles said: 'You can use countersunk screws to install the handle from the front/operator side, or you can install the handle from the back with threaded bolts.' 'In addition, both handles can be sealed or unsealed.' In the sealed front mounting version, the countersunk sealing screw together with the sealed back side of the gripping tray prevents liquid or dust from entering the inside of the mounting tray housing. TANJA's M43 and M32 are integrally stamped from high-quality 304 stainless steel plates. Other colors of coating can be provided on request, and mirror or brushed surfaces can also be provided according to different needs of customers. In each version, the studs used to install the panel from the back are not visible from the back, and the appearance is simple.

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