Hidden handle function in detail


The existence of the hidden handle is formed by the pursuit of the aesthetics of the cabinet. The invention of the hidden handle is not only for aesthetics, but also increases a certain degree of safety, because the hidden handle is inlaid inside, and there is no convex outside. It’s safer to get out, so it’s not easy to bump into.

With the continuous innovation of products, hidden handles are becoming more and more popular in home decoration, not only beautiful but also practical. Hidden handles are classified according to styles and materials. There are many types. Common styles include embossing, T-shaped, T-shaped, etc., and commonly used materials include plastic, metal, stainless steel, glass, and so on.

M31B-Hidden handle

Using SUS304 material

Stainless steel hidden handle, different sizes and shapes are available, mounting holes are available Hidden and exposed

Uses: emergency doors, kitchen doors, various cabinets, measuring equipment

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