Heavy hinge performance test


When inspecting heavy hinges, we must first detect the radial and offset degree of the hinge. The deviation of this offset cannot exceed 2 mm. Secondly, we must check whether there is noise during the operation of the hinge. Whether there is oil leakage, in case the internal parts are damaged. In fact, hinges and hinges are still different to a certain extent.

Test whether the hinge can still meet the quality requirements after a long period of time, usually tens of thousands of times, but the test speed is less than 200,000 times. During this process, check whether there are parts scattered inside and whether the outside is There is cracking. At the same time, satisfying these tests and passing full marks is considered a success, otherwise the test fails.

K39-Heavy Hinge

Using SUS304 material

T-shaped design, multi-hole installation, stronger

Usage: Van type truck, medium door

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