Heaven helps self-help people, cabinet companies welcome the beginning of spring

The Spring Festival holiday has long since ended, and after the tumult of the Lantern Festival, this period of recuperation and rejuvenation has been far away. In many areas of the country, after the start of the New Year of the Goat, there was a real cold wave. For cabinet companies, the 'cold wave' is not terrible, because as long as the belief is firm, you can embrace the fiery heart and become more and more courageous in the wave of environmental protection, transformation, and the Internet.

   Great responsibility under the dome, environmental protection needs to be put into practice

   On February 28, the haze documentary 'Under the Dome' filmed by a well-known CCTV reporter Chai Jing at his own expense nearly a million, awakened the public's long-not strong awareness of environmental protection, and brought the whole people to talk about pollution. Yuan's public opinion pushed to a climax. At the 'Two Sessions' held on March 3, environmental protection issues once again became a hot topic of discussion among delegates. For manufacturing enterprises including cabinets, environmental protection has also become an unavoidable heavy responsibility. So how do companies put awareness into practical actions?

   2015 Competitive Pressure Escalated, Cabinet Enterprises Facing Transformation Challenges

   In 2014, the real estate industry encountered a 'winterEntering 2015, the lagging influence of real estate on the building materials and home furnishing market is still intensifying, and all building materials and home furnishing companies, including cabinets, feel the same. With the country's improvement in environmental protection requirements and management standardization, the home furnishing industry will also face more severe tests. The survival of the fittest will only accelerate, and cabinet companies must be prepared.

  The Internet wave hits and cabinet companies gain new momentum

   In the past two years, traditional industries are accepting the impact of a new round of Internet waves at the speed of fission. Whether it is Internet home improvement, WeChat payment or any other new marketing methods and sales models, consumers’ concepts are deeply awakened. Cabinet companies should also dig deeper, and strive to improve the consumption experience by grasping the pain points of consumption. Only in this way, the cabinet industry can obtain the endless power and source in the continuously developing economy and society.

   Conclusion: After the start of 2015, I believe that cabinet companies are more aware of the severity of the situation than ever. The downward pressure on the economy and the slowdown in market growth are the background. The unprecedented fierce competition and the harder to capture consumer demand points are the real reality. If cabinet companies want to stabilize the current situation, or even make progress, they must pay more. Imagine a arduous effort. Heaven helps the self-help people, under the leadership of firm belief, the cabinet enterprise will eventually move towards a better tomorrow!
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