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Hardware handle color selection

by:Hench Hardware     2021-06-18

The handles after electroplating are popular antique and fashionable colors. The representative colors can be: bronze, white ancient, ancient coffee, ancient silver, black, gold, chrome, pearl silver and other home colors. Different colors can be electroplated according to the different design styles of the consumer's room.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the color of the aluminum alloy handle is now matte, bright, champagne, sandblasted silver and so on. With the addition of electrophoresis, spraying and other processes, the color of the metal handle is more diversified. Hardware handle is a part of decorative hardware, mainly used in furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture.


Aluminum alloy material

Tube handle

Installation: feet with thread Blind hole

Use: machine tool equipment, automation equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment

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