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H877 soft close cabinet hinges

H877 soft close cabinet hinges


H877 soft close cabinet hinges is the new design hinge, with the new function and special designs, to make it is more stable to use. This soft close cabinet hinges have three new functions, we will list them for your checking. First, it with the plastic material buffer, this kind of buffer can make the hinge to open and close very smoothly and stable, also do not have any noise of the oil buffer inside. Second, this soft close cabinet hinges is one kind of less deep cup hinges, it can suitable use for the door thickness from 13mm to 24mm, this can give you many more choice. Third, this hinge with one “special switch”, we all know it is soft close cabinet hinges, but the closing speed is required by different customers, so we design this new function for you, you can close the switch, then you close the door will a little quicker than you open it, but at the end of closing the door, it also closed slowly, it will not have any noise. If you still want to close the door slowly, you can open the switch, then it will close slowly and smoothly.

We think these new functions will make you to have interested in this H877 soft close cabinet hinges, if you want to check this hinges, you can contact with us without hesitate.

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