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Group Tour to Huangshan

Group Tour to Huangshan


The new year is coming. In order to welcome the new year, we plan to climb Huangshan collectively and celebrate the new year has a good start!

It's rainy at this time of year, but when we set off to the hotel at the foot of Huangshan, it was already a very nice sunny day. Before we came, Huangshan also had some snow. This is the most beautiful moment of Huangshan in winter!

It took us nearly two hours to climb to the top of the mountain. Although it was very hard, the moment when we saw the beauty of Huangshan, some of the hard work was worth it. We saw a lot of strange pines that we have never seen before. Passing by, standing on the top of the mountain, breathing the freshest air, looking at the endless blue sky, like a fairyland on earth.

We walked around and reached the foot of the mountain and had a very happy day!

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