Good at cooperation and mergers and acquisitions, cabinet companies can expand the whole house customization business

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for space utilization, and at the same time, people are increasingly pursuing individualization, and whole-house customization that can meet these two needs should naturally become the first choice of consumers. Customization is tailor-made to size and function. Whole-house customization makes more families who pursue individualization pay more attention to the matching of products and the harmonious collocation of colors. Therefore, the business scope of many cabinet companies has begun to expand to the whole house customization.

   Consumers need an overall home consumption platform

  From tailor-made cabinets to whole-house furniture customization, this means the horizontal expansion of the product line for custom cabinet companies. If you want to integrate soft furnishing products into the overall home, the product line will extend infinitely. This puts forward higher requirements for customized enterprises.

   'Consumers don't have the time and energy to choose, and don't want to find so many suppliers. In addition to convenience, there are also style matching and after-sales issues. Then it is necessary for home building materials companies such as cabinets to provide an overall consumption platform.' The industry insiders say that the best way for cabinet companies to truly achieve overall home furnishing and provide one-stop service is to integrate.

   Another person in the industry also said, “China is a big manufacturing country and does not lack production capacity and products. There are too many products involved in the overall home furnishings. It is very unrealistic to rely solely on a single company to produce them. I think the future Custom cabinet companies should continue to integrate products and resources from all parties on the basis of professional customization, and provide consumers with solutions for the final whole house configuration.'

  Cooperation or Mu0026A is the future direction of development

   There are three ways for the traditional building materials industry to realize the overall home furnishing. One is to produce and solve it by oneself, the other is to use external forces and cooperative production, and the third is to integrate mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, if cabinet companies want to develop whole-house customization and overall home furnishing, they cannot do without the integration of resources and cooperation between different companies.

   At present, many traditional home building materials companies and even home appliance companies have crossed into the field of customization. In this regard, some insiders believe that the advantages and disadvantages of the transformation of cabinet companies to customize home furnishings: the advantage is that traditional large companies have terminal operations The experience and sales methods are mature, large-scale, and sufficient funds; the disadvantage is that the development of the custom cabinet industry is not long, and the essence of customization may not be fully grasped. Therefore, 'according to the current industry development, cooperation or mergers and acquisitions will be a custom industry Future direction.'
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