Germany Naigul won the Thales Product Excellence Award

Before the opening of the AQUATECH Shanghai International Water Show on June 6, the GWPS 2017 3rd Global Water Purification Market Summit was grandly held in the InterContinental Hotel Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center! The support of the organization and relevant government departments will become a grand event with a large scale, wide audience and far-reaching influence in the water purification industry so far.

At this 'Davos' summit forum in the water purification industry, Naigul Germany received good news again. Naigul's integrated water purifier won the 'Tellers Excellence Product Award'. The organizer of this award organizes domestic and foreign Industry experts select based on the declared materials, prototypes and samples. The award-winning products have overall aspects such as innovation, new technology and new material application, environmental protection effect, appearance design, structural design, energy efficiency improvement, water saving, resource recycling, and fine manufacturing technology. Outstanding performance, has the potential to lead the trend and promote industry products and technology upgrades.

The product adopts an elegant integrated appearance design, smooth lines, strong sense of science and technology, dust-proof and anti-bacterial, and space-saving. The body is equipped with an LED multi-function indicator panel and intelligent real-time detection function to ensure more worry-free and worry-free, fast plug-in They are all John Guest products, to ensure that no dripping water leaks.

For German Naigur, who has just entered the Chinese market, winning the Thales Award indicates that Naigur has been recognized by the Chinese market. Although Naigu has been in the Chinese market for less than a year, it has more than 30 years of experience in water purification in Europe, and has completed the composition from pre-filters, central water purifiers, water softeners, pure water machines to direct drinking machines. The whole house water purification ecosystem. Naigu has accumulated rich experience in water quality research, product development, whole-house water purification solutions, quality testing and services, and has formulated complete management standards to ensure that it provides clean, natural and high-quality products to users in different regions of the world .

All Naigu products are imported 100% with original packaging, and provide lifetime warranty service. This award is the recognition of industry experts for Naigu's products. It can be said to be well-deserved. The selection and manufacturing process of all purification equipment of Naigu strictly follow the requirements of German environmental standards. While pursuing high quality, it is also conducive to natural ecology. Of keeping.

Mr. Qingdong Meng, General Manager of Germany Naigou China, came to the stage to receive the award

In the future, Naigu will further promote the healthy and intelligent implementation of household water purification systems in China, and continue to give the whole house more water purification functions in the limited home living space, and bring more high quality to users European-style water life experience.
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