German Naigul redefines European-style water life

If urban families want to experience the original and pure European-style water life, they must stand on the height of the global development of water life and re-understand the whole house water purification system.
   Standing at the innovative starting point for the development of whole-house water purification in the world, Naigu has completed the composition from pre-filter, central water purifier, water softener, pure water machine to direct drinking machine with 30 years of tireless Ru0026D investment. The whole house water purification ecosystem. Now Naigu products have been upgraded again. The concise and stylish design, intelligent and efficient filtration, large flow rate and the outstanding characteristics of health and freshness make the dream of upgrading the home water life experience a reality.
  Nago gives water life a true health concept
   At present, whole house water purification is the new blue ocean in the water purification industry. There are only 5 domestic 100% original imported enterprises, and German Nagu is one of the leading brands. Chennai has more than 30 years of experience specializing in water purification, and has developed and manufactured Germany's first truly fresh water purifier and the first dual RO membrane large water purifier. In 2009, Mr. Erich, the founder of Naigu, put forward the concept of 'comfort+

   Naigu’s original GMG healthy water purification technology, adopts innovative pulse design, and uses modular procedures to achieve clean pretreatment and deep purification to ensure the quality and freshness of the effluent and eliminate the secondary pollution of traditional water purification. Problem, let the family enjoy fresh water all the time.
   Nagu realized the upgrade from the kitchen to the entire home scene
  Nago started from a pure water machine, which is subdivided into different uses such as kitchen, drinking, bathing, etc. according to the needs of domestic water, making the products more diversified. Naigu pre-filter, high-efficiency backflushing is more thorough, the filter screen will not be replaced for life, and the service life is prolonged; Naigu pure water machine, adopts dual RO membrane, drinking more peace of mind; Naigu water softener, large flow bypass valve, flexible Switch between tap water and purified water to save costs.

   Naigu straight drinking machine has realized the innovation from the kitchen to the living room, extending the use value of the pure water machine from the kitchen to the living room, study and living room. It is not only for family drinking, but more importantly, it can entertain guests. Experiencing European coffee culture and Chinese tea culture not only enhances the taste of life, but also adds interest to life and creates a topical atmosphere.
  Nago realizes intelligent control of the whole process
Under the general trend of    intelligentization, many products of Naigu have added intelligent elements, making it more secure to use and more convenient to maintain. Naigu's whole house water purification equipment is transformed into a smart housekeeper, starting with a pre-filter, allowing you to enjoy safe water purification without any worries. Naigu water purifier has a fault self-checking function. The intelligent dual-control valve head of the Naigu water softener does not require manual control. The intelligent alarm function and the 24-hour power-off memory function ensure that the user's use parameters will not be lost due to power failure.
   At the same time, Naigu products also intelligently adjust the TDS value according to the water quality characteristics of various regions in China; fully automatic, precise and intelligent control, water quality query, filtered water volume query, fault warning, electronic water intake system, to ensure the stable operation of the system.

  100% original import guarantee, double insurance escort
   In Germany, Naigu has made a pioneering contribution to the development of medical pure water and is called 'clean guardian' by users. Naigu has fully realized the 'dialogue' between the machine and the product, and each production part has a code, which can be traced and inquired. It is precisely because all components of Naigu's water purification products are 100% imported with original packaging, Naigu dare to promise: the core components are guaranteed for life. Choosing Naigu means choosing double insurance, which is worry-free after purchase. Now, Naigu adheres to the principle of 'one person only does one business' to provide users with high-quality products.

   Naigu whole house water purification, no chemicals added, no need to clean, it is more environmentally friendly than traditional whole house water purification. If it is said that whole house water purification is only the basic function of a household water purification system, then taking care of the health of the family is the special ability of Nagu's whole house water purification. Redefining water life is only the first step of Naigu’s European-style water life. Naigu will further promote the healthy and intelligent implementation of household water purification systems in China, and continue to provide more water purification to the whole house in the limited living space of homes. The function brings users more high-quality European-style water life experience.
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