General quality inspection standard for stainless steel single handle

The quality of stainless steel single handle mainly depends on the following points:    1. Surface treatment, the bright light needs to be clear and flawless, and the wire drawing surface needs to be uniform and dark.   2. In terms of material, stainless steel chemical solution can be used to test whether the stainless steel handle is 201 or 304.  3. Wall thickness, usually stainless steel handles are sealed, in fact, the thickness cannot be measured. We can use mathematical formulas to calculate the quality of the corresponding handles, and then we can tell whether the thickness is up to standard or not.  How to distinguish the quality of the coated stainless steel handle.   1. To see whether the surface coating is uniform, the main thing is to look at the hanging corner of the stainless steel handle, because there is a place where the coating is easy to cover. If the hanging corner is processed, there will be no major problems.   2. If the color-plated products need to be stored for a long time, you need to communicate with the manufacturer to seal the glaze when ordering. This glaze is actually a film to prevent oxidation.   3. Look at the details, the better the flaws, the higher the quality.
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