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Furniture hinge

Furniture hinge


The hinge is furniture hardware fittings that connect furniture to furniture doors, there are mainly iron materials and stainless steel materials, we can choose the right hinge according to the different use environment.

According to hinge function, it have normal hinge and soft closing hinge. The normal hinge not have buffer function, there will be a sound when the door is closed; the hydraulic hinge is when we close the cabinet door it slowly closes without any noise.

According to the different installation mode, it have clip-on type and inseparable type. Clip-on hinge can be the hinge base and hinge cup separately installed, and then can be assembled, the advantage is that the cabinet door can be easily removed at any time; the inseparable hinge need both cabinet and cabinet doors to be installed, the cabinet door is not removable after installation.

According to the cabinet door installation position is different, it have full overlay, half overlay and insert, the full overlay hinge is cabinet door completely covers the cabinet side panels; the half overlay hinge is cabinet door covers half of the side panels, and the insert hinge is cabinet doors do not cover cabinet side panels.

To make installation easier, there are hinges with 3D function, this hinge has three adjustable screws, which can adjust the hinge forward and retreat, left and right, up and down, to achieve the perfect combination of the cabinet door and cabinet body after installation.

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