Furniture exports usher in the spring, cabinet companies implement a dual-track system for export and domestic sales

The wave of export-to-domestic sales started in the 2007 international financial crisis. Since the financial crisis, China's furniture export market has also been hit hard. my country's furniture export companies have switched to domestic sales. With the globalization trend aggravating the economy, on the road of development, cabinet companies should implement a dual-track system, export and domestic sales at the same time, to ensure balanced development.

  The current situation of the home furnishing market

   With the huge decline in demand for overseas orders, foreign anti-dumping policies against China, expectations of RMB appreciation, and other factors, furniture companies focused on exports have turned to the domestic market. Recently, new regulations in export markets such as Europe and the United States have also put pressure on domestic furniture exports. Following the EU’s implementation of forest (FSC) certification for timber and wood products in March this year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed two more proposed regulations to ensure that its domestically produced and imported composite wood products meet the formaldehyde emission standards established by Congress. . The new standard will increase the production cost of export enterprises by 30% to 50%.

  A cabinet enterprise implements a dual-track system

   With the downturn in the export situation, more and more export companies have adjusted their strategies and implemented the domestic and international market linkage strategy. According to the person in charge of the cabinet company, “The company’s products have shifted from export-oriented to domestic and international market linkages, forming a “two-wheel drive” for domestic and foreign sales, mainly to promote the adjustment of business structure and realize marketing globalization. In addition, it also values u200bu200bthe development of the domestic market. Potential, 'At present, my country's home furnishing industry is in a rapid development cycle, with the upgrading of residents' consumption structure and consumption levels, increasing income, and accelerating urbanization, which brings development opportunities to cabinet companies. He pointed out that because the development of the home market involves preparations for product development, sales models, team organization, service support, and management software applications, the company has adopted a steady approach to the development of the domestic market. '

  The development trend of cabinet enterprises

  The furniture products exported abroad are mostly characterized by a single product variety, basically zero product development requirements, and a large-scale production mode with a small variety of products. The characteristics of products sold in the domestic market are relatively high product development frequency, multiple varieties, and low output of the same product. In the domestic market, cabinet companies that export to domestic sales must strengthen the two ends, namely the product research and development end and the product sales end. At present, export-to-domestic cabinet companies have advantages in overall production management and export operations, but have disadvantages in brand recognition, market development, and talent building.
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