Form an omni-channel synergy, cabinet brands can start from four aspects

In recent years, fierce market competition has promoted the development of omni-channels in the cabinet industry, but for distributors, after omni-channels are promoted, customers may purchase directly online and store performance no longer. At the same time, there are also problems such as inconsistent online and offline prices. So, how should cabinet companies balance the problem of benefit distribution in the development of omni-channel? How should online and offline forms of synergy between channels?

   First, establish a unified brand image

  The integration of online and offline allows consumers to use any channel they prefer to reach the brand, and the brand perception of reach is the same. The consistency of the brand image helps to strengthen customers' perception of the cabinet brand and form brand preference and brand loyalty.

  Secondly, improve the consumer experience

After the integration of    channels, the abundance of online products and the depth of inventory will increase. With omni-channel business methods, customers can experience more complete branded products, break geographical restrictions, and allow customers to obtain products faster. Online ordering, store delivery; offline experience, online ordering and other omni-channel scenarios can be applied and achieve the same price at the same price, making it more convenient for customers to shop and improving customers' favorability of the cabinet brand.

   Again, the product 'pass' can 'live'

The    cabinet brand is doing omni-channel, first of all, it is solving the problem of 'commodity communication'. The merchandise and inventory controlled by the channel are limited. If it is only circulated in a limited environment, this is only a small pool, and the circulation must be slow and limited. The intervention of omni-channels, through the opening of the system, allows the various pools to run through. There is running water in the pools, and the circulation rate and abundance of commodities can be improved. The headquarters of the cabinet manufacturer can select the most suitable store for delivery according to the routing rules. The omni-channel business model can play a role in store subsidies to some extent in the off-season of stores. For stores, this is more channels for sales, not competition.

  Finally, business 'unification' can be 'fast'

   The establishment of an omni-channel system for cabinet manufacturers is also a kind of empowerment and a technological empowerment. The franchisees’ control and system construction for commodities, inventory, orders, etc. are usually not perfect, and the franchisee’s own power also has limitations. Compared with exploring on their own, drawing strength from the headquarters, relying on the strong system support of the headquarters from top to bottom Obviously it is a more efficient way. After a unified and efficient system is established, relying on systematic business processes, shopping guides can have standardized tools to assist sales, which improves labor efficiency, reduces ineffective work, and makes business processes smoother and faster.

   In short, if cabinet manufacturers want to promote the omni-channel development of their enterprises, they may wish to think from the perspective of brand interests and channel business interests. Doing the above points will surely be able to get twice the result with half the effort!
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