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A few of the good handle manufacturers practice torque testing of handles, hence it is better to buy handles with labels as tested OK, or QC checked. Buying quality handles from a genuine manufacture makes sense even if they charge a little more. It is quite annoying to buy a handle that can break anytime one opens the door while greeting neighbors. Handles of poor quality have no other place right than ones dustbin. Never buy fake or cheap handles, as they have poor torque tolerance and break even on smallest sharp torque. Thus, a handle of good quality is not only reliable but also cost effective.

It is often amusing to see how people fall to fake designs and cheap articles. All that shines is never gold. It is ideal to buy a genuine make of handle with single joint hinges, as they involve no fear about welding failures. Reputable Handle Manufacturers ensure that they provide products high on quality than just looks alone. It is thus better to choose door handles from those designer outlets who sell genuine quality door handles. A few online searches can let a person know about those dealers supplying popular brands available at fair prices, without compromising on quality in the handles.

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