For a small-sized kitchen, choose a flat-shaped cabinet and store it properly!

The choice of flat-shaped cabinets is basically because the kitchen space is insufficient, so it has become the 'new favorite' of the small apartment. Come on, let me tell you how to store the next-shaped cabinets today! The exquisiteness of the countertop should be cut and inserted. In the kitchen countertop layout, the stove and water basin should be centered. It is not suitable to place objects on the stove to avoid fire. The microwave oven should be kept away from the water basin to prevent splashing; in ensuring the kitchen The convenience of the utensils at your fingertips must also prevent the danger of falling objects, so the objects on the table should be placed as far as possible from the inside. Use shelf racks to increase the utilization rate, or make full use of the small corner space, clean up the kitchen waste on the countertop in time, leave the items that must be used every day, and store the tableware and kitchen utensils that are not frequently used. The utilization rate of the countertop can be improved. Due to the relatively small space of the one-shaped cabinet, pull baskets cannot be designed beside the stove, so put double-layer storage shelves on the corners, put some commonly used utensils, put tall bottles on top, and put low utensils underneath. , Commonly used utensils can be placed on the shelf next to it. This layout is simple and easy to use. The limited use area of u200bu200bthe countertop is made larger, and the pull-out countertop can be quickly turned into a small cutting board, which can be used for cutting vegetables. Some functions of the countertop are designed to be flexible, and the performance can be used with ease, so that the utilization rate of each space can be maximized, and the different functional needs of users can be met. The wall form is diversified? The main force of kitchen storage The wall storage function is the most powerful, and the form is also diverse. It can be designed as a multi-layer board, and it is not necessary to make a cabinet door to facilitate access to items, or to use the wall. The cavity itself is used for storage, and the pipes can also be used to make a big fuss. The local materials are beautiful and practical. The design of the double wall cabinet is very reasonable, the lower part is thinner, the upper part is thicker, and the spotlight is placed on the upper cabinet, so as to make full use of the space without affecting the use. The movable sliding rod on the wall installation makes the pots and pans hang up. As long as you prepare more s hooks, the wall space can be used, and it can be beautiful and orderly. The open laminates are unique in design, and steel pipes can be used to link the laminates, making full use of all the space on the wall and displaying items at a glance. The items are placed according to different frequencies of use for easy access. You can also freely change the position of the utensils according to the needs of different dishes. You can also place them according to the shape to create your own personalized collocation. The double wall cabinet design is to fully interpret the powerful storage function, and make full use of the space above the wall without affecting normal use. Create a deepened wall cabinet, under the premise of improving storage, also provide sufficient lighting for the wall cabinet below, and reflect the utilization rate of the wall through the treatment of details. The corners can’t be ignored? Some storage accessories have a powerful storage function. The adjustable shelf can be suitable for storing items of any size. The pull-out shelf increases the fun and practicability. With spotlights inside the cabinet, even the deepest items can be seen. The track-style cabinet door saves aisle space and ensures sufficient area for the operation area. Different laminates can have different functional plans. The laminate is designed on the top, the hanging rod is in the middle, then the suction stone, and the hook at the bottom. The mixed application of a variety of storage methods can better save space and improve the storage efficiency of the space. Different utensils are placed in different spaces, and the levels are scattered. Enlarging more details and fun can show the fun of individual small ornaments; monotonous countertops, if you stack items randomly, it will make the countertop too messy. Use some interesting and powerful storage objects to hang the tableware three-dimensionally, or to hide the dishes and cups easily. The gadgets show the fun. Whether it is under the cabinet counter or under the storage cabinet, it is the best hiding place for all kinds of items. Use partitions or storage racks to put the dishes in the storage basket, and the infrequent items will not affect the tidiness of the countertop.
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