Five major problems in traditional kitchens, high temperature tops 80% of users expect the kitchen to cool down

The Chinese food culture has a long history, but the traditional Chinese kitchen, which mainly focuses on 'frying and cookingAccording to surveys, among the five major problems commonly faced by traditional kitchens, such as temperature, oil fume, safety, cleanliness, and energy consumption, the high temperature and heat of the kitchen bear the brunt. However, it is embarrassing that the current kitchen appliances on the market still solve this problem. blank. It is reported that Haier Group has successfully developed a smart cooling hood technology, and this problem is expected to be resolved after the listing in the future.

   It is understood that the problem of high temperature in the kitchen has been around for a long time, and with the improvement of people's living standards, this problem has become more prominent. In June of this year, Haier Group conducted a large-scale user interaction survey on the topic of 'What are the most irritating things about cooking in the kitchen in the summer?' The results showed that nearly 80% of the 287,000 users who participated in the survey Said that the most intolerable high temperature and heat environment in the kitchen, hoping to find a solution to cool the kitchen as soon as possible.

   However, the embarrassing market situation is that in the current kitchen appliance market, cleaning products still dominate the mainstream, and problems such as oil fume, safety, and energy consumption have also been resolved to a certain extent. Only The high temperature in the kitchen seems to have become a blind spot for kitchen appliances. Before finding a suitable solution, these 80% of users had to continue to face the hot kitchen.

   In response to this, Haier Group took the lead in the industry to respond. It is reported that Haier Group has successfully developed the latest intelligent cooling hood technology, which will fundamentally change the situation that the kitchen can only 'suck' but not 'blow' in the past. On the basis of ensuring the cleaning function, the cool breeze can be sent out. The temperature around the kitchen is locally reduced by 5-7 degrees in a short time, which completely solves the problem of hot kitchen.

   It is understood that products using this technology are expected to be on the market before tomorrow summer. At that time, this new intelligent cooling technology will bring cool gospel to users, and will also fill the gaps in the industry and eliminate technical blind spots for my country's kitchen appliance industry , Leading the industry to upgrade.
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