Five development directions that can not be ignored in the development of the market for cabinet companies

my country’s first 'China Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Development Report' released by the China Building Decoration Association Materials Committee shows that the scale of the building materials and home furnishing industry in 2014 will reach 4 trillion yuan. The data is exciting. 67 listed companies have achieved both revenue and net profit growth. Remarks that show bad news about the home furnishing industry do not represent the mainstream. Moreover, there are huge development opportunities hidden in the pulse of industry development. The report shows that the building materials and home furnishing industry presents five major development directions. Of course, these are also the five major development directions that cabinet companies cannot ignore.

   One, the overall home

  Many domestic and foreign standard component suppliers will form strategic partners to jointly research and develop application products, extend the industrial chain and occupy more high-end industrial value chains, from decorative building materials, furniture, cabinets to home textiles, accessories, etc. The overall household product chain is expanded. In fact, some cabinet companies have already begun to set foot in the overall home, the release of this report undoubtedly strengthened the confidence of the company.

   2. Green Building Materials

   Real estate, architectural decoration companies, and building materials manufacturers have gradually realized the importance of green building materials, and more and more companies have joined the team of Ru0026D, production, design and application of green building materials. Cabinet enterprises must insist on fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations of green production and do their best to contribute to sustainable development.

  3. Industry concentration

   Home decoration integration, merger and integration will become the norm. Home appliance companies such as Changhong, Haier, Midea, etc. have begun to integrate resources into the building materials and home furnishing industry and set up home systems. Smart home has become a new development direction for decorative building materials and products. There is also a small and chaotic situation in the cabinet industry, and the merger and reorganization of the industrial chain is an inevitable trend.

   Fourth, big data marketing

  In the era of big data, omni-channel home furnishing marketing is coming. The marketing model will be fully shifted from products and services to digitalization and mobile Internet, and multi-brand integrated operation. Of course, big data marketing is an inevitable direction for cabinet companies, and the charm of the Internet age lies in this.

   5. Diversified channels

   stores, centralized engineering procurement, and e-commerce will divide the world into three parts. The advent of the era of hardcover houses, the rise of e-commerce, and the changes in consumption and decoration habits of 'post-80s' and 'post-90s' will bring profound changes to the future distribution of building materials and home furnishings. Cabinet companies must grasp the key points under the diversified channels to do a good job in the market.
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