Firstly, please be careful to watch


When buying cabinet such as wardrobe and bathroom cabinet, you have to carefully watch the hardware accessories on cabinet, sometimes you can have the elementary judgement on the quality of hardware accessories after careful looking. For example, you have to check whether there is obvious defects on hardware furniture and what about the glossiness and surface smooth degree. When buying lock, whether there is spot on lock and whether it is smooth are the factors you have to consider. When buying hinge, you have to look at its thickness, just from the appearance, there is no obvious difference among high quality hinge and poor quality hinge, however, the top quality hinge would be more thicker so that it is not easy to rust and more solider with good load bearing ability.

Secondly, use your hands to touch

When touching the hardware accessories you want to buy, you can get the real touch feeling, whether it is smooth or rough. For example, when buying handle, you should firstly know that nowadays in the furniture market, there are too many kinds of handles that made from different raw materials such as plastics, zinc alloy, aluminium alloy and stainless steel, among all there handles products, it is common to find zinc alloy handles, which has the specific technology on the handles surface. If the gold-plating is not handled well, it is more likely to fall off. If you want to buy cabinet for kitchen, you should be more careful on the zinc alloy handles because in the kitchen, there is corrosive spices such as soy sauce, salt and so on, under such circumstance, you have to feel the gloss of handles.

Thirdly, use your experience to judge

When you pay attention on the hardware accessories on furniture such as cabinet, you have to experience its open and close effect. As for judging the quality of hardware accessories which has the high requirement on tightness such as slide, lock, hinge and so on, you can close and then open for several times to feel it flexibility and convenience. Take the sliding door for example, when buying it, you should not only pay attention on the sliding effect whether it is smooth, but also focus on its sound when sliding. Too many consumers have one misunderstanding that the more lighter the better, in fact, when sliding the top quality sliding door, it is not too light or too heavy, it is just more natural.

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